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  • Packatape Fragile Packaging Tape for Parcels and Boxes. This 6 roll pack of Heavy Duty Fragile Packing Tape Provides a Strong, Secure and Sticky Seal for your Boxes, 6 Rolls 48MM x 66M
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Packatape Fragile Packaging Tape for Parcels and Boxes. This 6 roll pack of Heavy Duty Fragile Packing Tape Provides a Strong, Secure and Sticky Seal for your Boxes, 6 Rolls 48MM x 66M details:

  • Packaging tape is 45 microns thick and withstands wear and tear for long-lasting use and has 'FRAGILE' printed boldly in red on it to indicate boxes contain breakable items
  • UV- and moisture-resistant adhesive offers a strong hold and seal
  • Withstands temperatures of -23° C to 93° C without peeling or cracking
  • Acrylic-based packing tape won't yellow, making it great for long term storage
  • 6 - high-quality 48 mm x 66 m rolls per pack
Colour Name:fragile
Part Number pc6f
Item Weight408 g
Product Dimensions27 x 9 x 9 cm
Item model numberpc6f
Item Package Quantity2
Number Of Pieces6
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No
Weight410 Grams
My review of:
Packatape® - 6 Rolls 48MM x 66M Brown Packaging Tape for Parcels and Boxes. This 6 roll pack of Heavy Duty Brown Packing Tape Provides a Strong, Secure and Sticky Seal for your Boxes.

I was surprised by the quality of this tape because usually you pay cheap you get cheap low quality goods but this tape is top notch, fits the gun just great, cuts when you want it, does not roll up into a knot when you break off a bit and the adhesion is great.
Before I use any tape for shipping I use it to stick down a slightly overfilled cardboard box and then leave the box overnight in a cold damp garage. With rubbish tape it starts to lift but with good tape like this it stays put through all conditions, the rubbish tape gets sent back to the supplier.
My Mum sells lots of things on Ebay and is always getting through tape, but she buys a roll at a time which can be expensive.
I saw these, less than a pound a roll and they are long rolls also at 66m per roll, which even for her with her haphazard wrapping is lasting a good long time.
The tape is good quality and isnt the thin rubbishy type that rips too easily.
It seals well, its good and sticky like any well known brand.
I have no reason why the other 5 rolls which havent been used as yet would be any different, its good quality and would recommend it to anyone who needs such tape.

Having used Amazon for 10+ years I am more than aware that prices can fluctuate from day to day, depending on how well the item is selling, what time of year it is etc, so I do not evaluate the star-worthiness on anything to do with the price (even though I may have commented on the price). My review is not in relation to the price I paid, its just my opinion on the actual item, how it works, what it does, whether its fully fit for the job etc.
But so you can be aware of price changes, this was £5.90 when I reviewed.
Great value packing tape!
My order of “Packatape - 6 Rolls 48MM x 66M Brown Packaging Tape” arrived after 2 days thanks to Amazon expedited delivery. At £5.28 (including p&p) for the 6 rolls – I think that’s outstanding value.
Cheap packing tape usually drives me up the wall and turns out to be a false economy – it either splits on the roll or doesn’t stick to cardboard.

This tape proved to be the exception to the rule. It is so easy to use – both by hand and in a ‘pistol grip’ dispenser. It comes off the roll evenly and seems to stick to the box cardboard well. I can’t ask for more than that!

I am very pleased with my purchase and will order this tape again soon. Thanks for your time.
Note: The supplier sent a sample for evaluation. The opinion of the product is my own personal view.

There are different types of tape on the same page here, so I should make it clear that I am reviewing the clear packaging tape.

I really think that, for a price of just over £1 per roll, this tape is fantastic value.
You get 6 rolls in the pack and each roll is 48mm wide and 66 metres long. Most importantly, it sticks to packaging!
It sticks well, and unlike some others, it smooths out quite well if you don't quite get it smooth the first time.

I don't actually send very many packages, so a pack of 6 such rolls will probably last me for years.
I do have a roll dispenser though, and these fit it very well. And I could not buy any other such packaging roll for anything like the low price of these. Even in cheap shops, I doubt that I would be able to buy more than 2 or 3 (inferior, and much shorter) rolls for the pack price of these.

It may not be quite so important with the other versions, but I will give one tip for packaging tape - especially this clear type:
- Unless you are using a proper roll dispenser, I recommend that you stick the tell-tale end strip on the tape just after the point where you intend to cut it, AND BEFORE YOU CUT IT. With the best intentions in the world, if you don't, then the cut end will probably stick back to the roll, and you will have a devil of a job to find it again when you want to cut off another length.

I hope that you find my review informative and helpful to you in some way.
Thanks for reading it.
This is a great pack of packing tape. You get a huge amount of tape for your money which is great to find and see. Each roll of tape is easy to start using, finding the start is easy. It unrolls perfectly and doesn't rip or tear at any point. Using the tape is just as good, the tap is very strong and sticks perfectly. It doesn't become loose and it stays right in place. Exactly what you'd want from packing tape and it gives me nothing but confidence that the tale will do the job perfectly. I was able to buy this at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion
Packatape® - 6 Rolls 48MM x 66M Brown Packaging Tape for Parcels and Boxes arrived on time and neatly packed. As they are tapes, it doesn’t really need much of packing to be honest, however, the 6 rolls were together in a clear plastic sheet stacked on top of one another. This is sufficient. I ordered the brown tape; they have an option for clear tape and also fragile tape. My requirement is the brown tape for packing up big boxes normally. So it works out perfectly for me.
The price for this product is currently (at time of writing the review) £5.28 which means 1 roll of tape is 88 pence! That is absolutely fantastic value. There are 6 rolls in total and each is 48mm wide and 66 metres long. This is really great value for money. Each roll has an easy starting point peel off mark. For me this makes a big difference, it’s just that one step by the company to ensure the end user doesn’t get frustrated trying to find the opening of the tape.
The Tape quality is good. It’s a strong tape and the sticky adhesive is quite strong. I tried it out on many boxes that I was packing up and it did a great job. It says that the tape is UV resistant and moisture resistant. The tape sticks on quite smooth and it’s easy to take out the bubbles if you find any during the application.
I have bought branded rolls of tape before and never again will I waste my money when this is such good value for money. I have also brought tapes from local shops, for 5 pounds you can buy 2 or 3 max and they would be of much inferior quality and also much shorter in length. I will definitely buying from this seller again. Also, the great thing about buying in bulk like this is the reassurance and the price; I won’t run out of tape for a while, and I can simply order it whenever I need for a very reasonable price knowing that it will be a good quality.
Please note that currently (at time of writing the review) this is a #1 Best Seller in Packaging Tape Department on Amazon UK. This shows that I am not the only one who thinks this is a fantastic product and that the price is very reasonable also. Another important fact I find from the sellers is that they are giving a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They state the following. “If you don't absolutely love our tape, which we believe is the best packing tape on the market; send it back within 14 days for a full refund.” As a customer this is always great to see from sellers, it shows they want to deliver on their product quality and maintain it. I didn’t have to return my product, so I cannot speak of that particular feedback. But if that happens, I will return to the reviews and leave my feedback about the interaction on here!
OVERALL: I am very happy to have found this product. I have no negative remarks to make about this product at all. It serves my purpose and with the quality of the product being high. I will always be buying from there. No wonder (at time of writing the review) this is a #1 Best Seller in Packaging Tape. Highly Recommended!


I hope this review has helped you to decide whether to purchase or not this product. Please check the attached photos of the product which supports my review above.

If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by selecting Yes from the options below!

PLEASE NOTE: I received the product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review.
Welcome to my review of : 6 Rolls 48MM x 66M Fragile Packaging Tape for Parcels and Boxes from Packatape. This 6 roll pack of Heavy Duty Fragile Packing Tape Provides a Strong, Secure and Sticky Seal for your Boxes. Reliability is assured.

I'm someone who sells various items on websites and also send parcels to relatives who live in different parts of the UK so I must admit I get through a good amount of packing tape each year.

These weighed a ton when they were delivered, delivered within 24 hours of ordering which is great service.

You get so much packaging tape it's going to last a long time.

I used some to package one of my parcels and it came off easy, it stuck to the parcel with ease and didn't tear off in any places while cutting or sticking it on the parcel.

A really good value for money bundle.

I will certainly will be buying more when I run out of these, but it won't be anytime soon.

Highly recommended.

Disclaimer : I received this product at a discount in return for my honest review.
All views and opinions are my own after testing the product over a period of time, I have a certain time frame to leave a review so some products I have to amend the review at a later date to reflect this.
I sell on Amazon and E bay.
This is mostly due to my wife loosing patience with my collecting or hoarding as she calls it.

I always use 'used' padded envelopes and the like and in the old days used to scrouge the bubble wrap from Asda's Bananas for packaging.
(I'm a Yorkshire Man- see the Dark Satanic Mills).

If you recycle envelopes then this is the tape for you.

Anyway I have used rolls of packaging tape for years and invesrted in a couple of those automatic rolling guns that dispense and cut for you.
I've used lots of different brands from the expensive Scotch type to the cheapo Pound shop ones.

I am always on the look out for a reasonably priced set of packaging tapes.
(see the moths in my wallet)
These fit the bill well.

The tape is a decent quality and is fit for purpose.
In that it unrolls well, is nice and thick and importantly it sticks.

What I liked was that there is a really generous amount of tape on each roll.
(Contrast this with the pound shop cheapo ones which look good value but are not nearly so long nor as good quality)
Getting a cheap brand is just false economy it doesn't stick except to itself and is too short.

This is a good set of six rolls available in 3 types, Clear, Brown and fragile.
It is a standard size and fits the main brand roller dispensers.

All in all a win win situation.

More a good Buy and good bye to cheap brands.

When offered the chance to recieve this tape to road test and check out I jumped at the chance.
All the owner asked for was a fair review.

This is a really good product.
I will seek out a set of clear when my current stop is used up.
I always have a couple of rolls of packing tape handy and over the years I've found that brown tape tends to look the same but can vary considerably in quality. Some thick, so called heavy duty, tape can be difficult to manage and doesn't always stick well and some thin tape sticks, but tears too easily and ends up in thin strips on the roll.

The tape offered here seems to have all the best qualities you could wish for. It's a good price and easy to work with. The main thing is it's very sticky. I tried it on banana boxes packed with books. Some tape sticks to the cardboard box initially, but when picked up it comes unstuck easily. This tape stuck immediately and with virtually no creasing and remained stuck when I picked the box up. I believe it's better than a popular (but expensive) branded tape. It was easy to cut with scissors and didn't attach itself to the scissor blade whilst being cut. It's equally easy to manage in a tape cutting dispenser. Im not sure how much tape is on each roll, but it looks like a lot. I've certainly had other rolls with far less. I can see this pack of tape lasting a considerable time, which makes it excellent value. I'm really pleased with it and have no hesitation in recommending it.

I was offered a pack at a discount in return for an honest review.
I usually buy brown parcel tape by the single roll, from various local high street shops. However, recently I have found the quality of these deteriorating, and the prices rising. Plus I usually forget to buy some more, before I run out! When I saw this pack of six rolls on Amazon I thought I would give this a try as a better alternative. It arrived very quickly, and was well packaged. One thing I liked as soon as I tried a roll is that it does not have that nasty smell that a lot of tapes have.

The tape runs off the roll smoothly, and is easy to cut. When applying it to boxes, it seems quite thick and very strong. I left a box I had taped up overnight, to see if any of the tape lifted, and it did not. It all stayed securely well stuck down with just one layer of tape. I also the like the width of it, at about 5cm it is a wider that some others I have tried. I feel tape is really good value, especially considering the quality, and I would buy it again. I did notice that the seller offers a money back guarantee, so if you do not like it for any reason, it is reassuring to know you can get a refund. I received this item at a discount, in exchange for a totally honest review.

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