LG Harris 13190 Platinum Brush Set (Pack of 5)

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LG Harris 13190 Platinum Brush Set (Pack of 5) details:

  • Superior quality fully synthetic bristles
  • Traditional wooden handle
  • Leave a fine finish with all types of paint
Package Quantity:1  |  Size:1 - Pack
Brand Harris
Model Number13190
Item Weight272 g
Product Dimensions30 x 9.2 x 3.8 cm
I cannot fault this brush set from Harris; I have so far used one of the brushes with gloss paint for 12 hours straight and had no issues with bristle loss and the brush itself holds the paint well and allows for accurate application. Fantastic.

In this set you get 5 various sizes which are perfect for my needs: 2 x 1 inch brushes, 2 x 1.5 inch and 1 x 2 inch brush.

The wooden handles are easy to grip and these really are the best set of brushes I have used and unfortunately I have been road testing a lot of brushes lately as we are completely redecorating our house.

These brushes actually take some (not all) of the pain out of painting, which is high praise indeed. Very highly recommended.
Bought a pack of these brushes about 2 years ago as I was mulling round a DIY store and had the opportunity/need to use them the beginning of this year because the wife wanted me to redecorate the house.
Brilliant finish on a good gloss paint. The long bristles means you can create a soft touch, fine, almost mirror finish. The paint stays at the base of the bristles and doesn't run up into the metal frame like some brushes.
When cleaned, the bristles are like new again.
I found them to be that good that I scoured the internet and bought another 3 packs. In fact they are that cheap that you could throw them away if you were so inclined. Well worth the money.
These brushes are very good quality and do the job perfectly. The bristles are good and stay in, no stray hairs come out while doing job. I used them for varnishing. Very high quality, a good buy.
I was quite surprised at seeing a set of Harris brushes as cheap as they are on Amazon over the years I have had several brushes made by them and they last longer (lots longer as I still have a couple that I have used many times) they do not shed their bristles as easy as some brushes do aslong as you treat them well you should get many years use out of them (like cleaning them straight away after finishing with the appropriate cleaner and then drying them out on a couple of lengths of kitchen towel. theese are man made bristles and seemed just as good as animal bristles for picking up and spreading the paint when I came to use them.
they are cheaper Here on Amazon than the crappy one use brushes that your local DIY store is charging for the ones that shed from first use and are hard work picking up and spreading the paint, granted you may find cheaper at the local pound shop but you won't find better there, only bad brushes there. ;-)
I have used two paint brushes from the Harris 5 pack brush set. One was used to do some gloss work and the other was used for varnishing. In both applications the brushes performed flawlessly. I left the paint brushes saturated with paint for a number of hours. The paint had dried out and the paint brushes became stiff. However when the brushes were cleaned in some solvent they came out like new. I did not experience any issues with hairs falling out. It and it is difficult to fault the product.

It may be useful to know the pack contains 5 brushes (2x1", 2x1.5" and 2").

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The wooden handles are easy to grip and these really are the best set of brushes I have used and unfortunately I have been road testing a lot of brushes lately as we are completely redecorating our house.

These brushes actually take some (not all) of the pain out of painting, which is high praise indeed. Very highly recommended.
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I cannot praise these brushes highly enough. They do a great job on painting or varnishing leaving a silky gloss finish. Not only that they are cheap enough to throw away after use. However, since retiring, I now clean the brushes after each time they are used. They are like new and ready for the next time they are needed. I especially like them for varnishing wooden windows - best finish ever. They are miles better than a lot of far more expensive brushes. Buy them and see the difference - you will not be disappointed.
I bought these for painting rather a lot of garden fence as I find paint brushes much better than fence paint brushes .. I've used then over two weeks using Cuprinol and after cleaning them in the sink I've stuck them in the dishwasher and re used. Highly recommend.
Very impressed with the quality of this set of brushes for the price!!! Obviously, the quality of the bristle makes a huge difference to a paint job and quality brushes can be very expensive. I was looking for a cost effective set of brushes that did a half decent job without the bristles falling out which happens a lot with low cost paint brushes. This set of brushes did a lovely paint job, lovely soft bristles which aided the paint to glide on at ease with lovely soft bristles. Excellent value for money, would certainly buy these again and would highly recommend if you are looking for a reasonably good quality set of brushes without a high price tag. Arrived promptly and well packaged.
I am very impressed wit these brushes.

They work very sell, are easy to clean and are exceptionally good value.

No bristles falling out, and they hold a good to of paint, and the bristles are long enough to get a good finish cutting in.

Very impressive results
I thought corners and edges were so difficult until I bought these brushes. I won't buy other brushes after these, soft and never leave hairs behind and they get a lot of punishment through my bad decorators housekeeping, cleaning etc but still they pull through

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