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  • MADE TO LAST: constructed with aluminum alloy, it has the sturdy frame and slip-resistant rungs for 330 lbs (150 kg) weight capacity and is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • EXTENSION AND RETRACTION DESIGN: with inward slide latches, you can adjusts rung by rung in one-foot increments to reach and retract any desired height without effort; protection spacers avoid bumping and friction during retraction
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: double couplings on every rung guarantee your hands in right position to avoid pinching; bottom caps on the feet can avoid tipping over
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: lightweight and compact size, easy to transport and store; a heavy duty securing strap secures the ladder firmly and with the grip handle, you can easy to carry the ladder with one hand
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: it's qualified with the EN131 certificate for safe materials, environmentally-friendly and high performance
Size Name:3.8M
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No
I had been after a set of telescopic ladders for a while, so when I was offered the chance to review this set I quickly accepted. The ladders arrived next day well packaged and come with some well written instructions.
They are lighter than some others I have looked at so I was a little worried about the strength of these. There is a little movement when extended, but I used them at full height and they felt sturdy and safe. I will add that I am not far off the maximum recommended weight limit for these ladders so a lighter person will probably not experience the movement I did.
To extend, you undo the velcro strap and starting with the top rung push it up. It locks into place and then you push / pull up the next one. This way the support at the bottom is better as there is more strength.
To collapse is very easy. There are two thumb pushes on each rung. Slide these in and the rung above slides down. It is a little scary when you first try, but there is a built in safety stop so the rung sits about 3" above the previous one until you lower the next one down, so no chance of trapping fingers. Please note, this is not the case for the bottom rung so be careful with that one! Once collapsed, the velcro strap secures the rungs in place and it is easy to carry around and store.
I have used the ladders to clean the guttering on my conservatory and to get to the top of the neighbours conifers to trim them and felt safe doing both.
I would have liked a storage bag to keep the ladders in, especially as I will also be using them for work so they will be kept in my boot. I kn ow other brands come with a bag, but they also come with a much higher price tag.
Overall a great set of ladders and I will recommend them.
I will add that I did receive these finether 3.2 m Telescopic Ladder EN131 Certified 11 Steps Aluminium Portable Lightweight at a discounted price in return for an honest and unbiased review and hope you have found it helpful.
 This telescopic ladder is a compromise between the ease of use of a step-ladder versus the fact that the telescopic ladder takes up much less space and can be easily tucked away in a cupboard.
Most of the time it will be used to get into our main roof where we previously used a wooden step ladder which had to be stored on our landing. This ladder is relatively easy to extend and once fully extended seems quite sturdy (I'm 12 stone). As it is longer than our old step ladder it is therefore safer to get into the roof.
To close the ladder is less easy, and you do need to watch your fingers/thumbs, and it is noisy when each section drops heavily downwards. Using it for a roof space, you have to make sure that you drop or move the top of the ladder below the level of the trap door, before you can close the trap door - all a bit obvious - but again it just makes everything a bit less easy than a step ladder. But, this ladder stores away in a cupboard or behind a desk/wardrobe etc and for that reason it redeems itself. The old step ladder would not reach, so this ladder at 3.2m works perfectly. We did consider buying a longer stepladder (7 or 8 tread) but storage then becomes a bigger problem. So overall this telescopic ladder is harder to use, but wins out on its versatility and small storage footprint.

***This product was kindly provided to me free of charge in exchange for a review.***
This is a very sturdy ladder that is also very lightweight and so easy to handle.

The ladder can easily be carried under one arm and there is a velcro strap to make sure that you don't, inadvertently, open the ladder whilst transporting it.
To use the ladder just undo the velcro strap and pull on the top of the ladder. The rungs will start to extend out. To collapse it again you just flick two catches - on on each side and watch the rungs collapse back into the ladder - do mind you fingers though as they so tend to fall back into place quite hard.
As you are pulling only as many rungs as you need you can make the ladder as tall or short as necessary. Once completely collapsed down it will fit into the boot of a car easily enough or be stored out of the way.
I am on the heavier end of the weight limit and it took my weight perfectly well. No worries about it collapsing under me!

I received this ladder at a discount in order to try it and give it a fair review.
Good ladder for the price. Works as designed. Easy to store. Only used it a couple of times so far but even fully extended it supported me well. Easy to close, must watch where you place your fingers - keep them out of the way. Strap holds the closed ladder well but when the ladder is open the strap seems to hang around and get in the way, unless of course, I am doing it wrong.
After moving into a new house I had been looking to get a telescopic ladder to get into the attics. I had a few needs for a ladder and luckily this has met them all.

Although this ladder wasn't available via amazon prime for me, the ladder was dispatched and arrived much faster than the expected date on my order, so that was very nice.

I needed a few needs to be met when buying a ladder:

-At least 3m tall
-Easy to store

These were all met perfectly, the ladder reaches 3.2m, is small enough to be stored in the cupboard and the ladder itself feels perfectly strong. I am nearer the upper end of the weight limit on this ladder and don't feel worried in the slightest that it isn't strong enough or safe.

The ladder packs up with some Velcro to keep all the rungs secured and this also adds an easy handle to hold onto when carrying it under your arm, which is a nice addition in my opinion.

Overall, it is a great piece of equipment that solved all my problems since moving house. I am sure the ladder will also stand the test of time due to how strong and sturdy it feels, so I am very pleased with my purchase.

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
I bought this primarily to use with my camper van as access to the roof box storage. It is so easy to use and retracts down to a size that easily fits behind the seats. Simply undo the velcro retaining strap and extend to the height you need. Collapsing it could not be easier, just press in the robust thumb switches on each rung and they glide, effortlessly down.
When I took delivery, I was keen to see how it felt to use, so I extended it to its full against a wall and climbed. I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy it felt. As someone who uses ladders a lot at work, the extra wide rungs of this telescopic ladder felt very comfortable under foot and I would be happy to work from it. I can see many applications for this ladder, not least of which as a tool to keep with your "under the stairs" toolkit at home.

Highly recommended and very well priced when compared to other fixed rung ladders or stepladders.

I did receive this product at a discount in order to review it, but I have to say that I will put it through its paces, and if I continue to like it, I may well purchase another to keep in my work van.
very safe to use highly recommended and safe as long as it's clicked in place and dissembled, follow safety instructions do not put fingers in way when letting down the ladders it hurts ALOT!!! love that it is so compact say good by to bulky ladders taking up space and hello to this slim compact ladder keep fingers clear from area when you finish. these were a bargain to buy very reasonable. i use as a loft ladder and do the job grate highly recommend as you can do painting on them hang wall paper wash windows outside clean out gutters there is no end how useful this is and you can carry it around with you i did receive these at a discount for this review
I've been looking for a set of ladders that can fold down to as small as possible. I need them to fit inside my car. I had spotted these and managed to get a discount in return for doing a review. My hobby involves searching for ordnance survey markers which can include bolts and rivets in awkward to reach places. These ladders fitted inside my boot and I was able to take them to gain access to the roof of a previously unreachable ruin. They were more study than I expected them to be and I felt safe and secure when I extended than and started climbing. I have also used them to find a geocache that was placed up a tree. A really handy product.
Amazing item! One of my best things bought on amazon. These are so convenient to use - lightweight to be carried in one hand and
stored in shed or under the stairs. Adjustable height - simply choose the number of rungs you need. These ladders have a very positive automatic click action when extending, and fast packing away by using the positive action thumb sliding buttons. A really handy product.
Arrived nice and quickly in good sturdy packaging. opened box and was amazed at how light and easy it was to carry.
I did receive these at a discount for this review.
loved that this ladder is so easy to store, carry and use. arrived nice and quickly in good sturdy packaging. opened box and was amazed at how light and easy it was to carry, easy to open just undo the velcro strap and pull on top of ladder. they are very strong and u can just open it for as far as u want to go no need to fully extend. and because its so small it takes up no storage space win win!! i received this item at a reduced price for a honest review which i believe i have given

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