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  • The free standing configuration ( ʎ ) is ideal for a multitude of jobs, especially hedge cutting and pruning as it is unsafe to lean a traditional extension ladder against hedges, shrubs or trees etc. It is also excellent for decorating as you do not have to lean against the wall you are painting.
  • Engineered and certified to European trade ladder safety standard EN131 (huge 150kg (23.5 stone) weight rating) for your safety and reassurance and is therefore ideal for both trade or domestic use. Our EN131 Testing took place at the prestigious third party TUV Laboratories (others do dubious in-house testing!) which is the German equivalent of the British Standards Institute (BSI) to guarantee superb quality.
  • An extra wide stabiliser bar gives a far larger footprint and therefore maximum stability when compared to our competitors - over 1 metre wide!
  • Unique strong steel retaining cross-brace and restraint straps are fitted for added safety when ladder is used in double sided step and free standing ladder configurations- this important feature ensures that the ladder is always set at the correct angle- we believe all combi ladders should have them.
  • Sorry - we can only deliver to UK mainland (excluding Scottish Grampians and Highlands).
The TRADE MASTER Combination Ladder is idea for trade or DIY use as it offers superb versatility, stability and safety. It is "The only ladder you will ever need" as it can be used as double sided step ladder, 2 or 3 section extension ladder, single ladder but, most usefully and originally, as a free standing ladder. Aluminium construction so lightweight and therefore easy to use, but still very strong - with a huge 150kg (23.5 stone) weight rating. Rungs are set just 255mm (10") apart making the ladder comfortable, safe and easy to climb - Competitors ladders have rungs set further apart (300mm/12") making them difficult/uncomfortable to climb. Ladder safety stoppers are fitted to ensure you have the correct overlap between ladder sections - another important safety feature competitors ladders lack, allowing you to over extend and have as little as a 2 rung overlap giving way to much "flexing" in use. Unique auto locking clamps secure ladder sections firmly in place for added safety and peace of mind. These same clamps lock it closed for safe and easy transportation. Their quick release design means you just pull back on the lever to unlock and then the ladder is ready to be set in any of its 5 positions. Heavy duty contoured rubber feet fitted to all sections top and bottom to maximise grip on all surfaces the ladder comes into contact with in its many configurations. Unique robust sliding mechanism for easy conversion into all the different configurations. This mechanism guides the ladder easily and securely into the step or free standing ladder configuration and also provides an effortless push up operation when setting it up as an extension ladder. Anti-slip rungs for your comfort and safe use. Max height as Free Standing (ʎ shape) Ladder = 4.35m. Max length as Extension Ladder = 6.26m. Closed height = 2.86m. Weight- 16.0kg. Available in 5 other sizes. Sorry - we can only deliver to UK mainland (excluding Scottish Grampians and Highlands).
Item Package Quantity1
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No
After having bought a multi-purpose ladder from the same people, I was impressed enough with price and quality to buy this for the outside of the house.

It folds down relatively compactly, being able to be propped up inside the garage, but you won't be able to lie it on its side due to the wide stabiliser bar at the base.

I bought this to get to my 4.6m high gutters after sussing out I could clean them myself more thoroughly and a heck of a lot cheaper than the 5 minute £50 job I paid a "professional" to do. For gutter cleaning alone, this will pay for itself in less than 3 goes. Add to that now being able to paint the high-up walls if necessary, then the cost of this soon becomes immaterial.

As for using it, I'm a DIY civilian and this height is scary if you're not used to working at heights. As long as you have it at the 1:4 angle on a flat surface, it's not windy and you don't over-reach, then in theory nothing should happen to you, but that doesn't stop your knees shaking when you're at the top. After a few goes, you'll get used to it, though.

Another slightly scary thing is that the third and highest section is quite a bit narrower than the first. Again, that's not a problem in itself, but just something else for a novice to get used to. There are a few safety features which I find reassuring, such as the stabiliser bar, rung clips and a metal bar for the A-shape, so I'm sure that they've done everything they can to maximise safety.

As for practicality, the various configurations make this a very useful piece of kit for all sorts of situations. Although it's a tall ladder, being usable up to 5m or so, you can also strip it down and use it as a step-ladder or normal ladder at about 2.5m.
Never been that confidant on ladders due to the flexible nature of alloy ladders but these just feel different, very little flex up to 5 meters and even when used as a free standing ladder you feel safe up there. Surprisingly light and each extension locks in place so they don't fall apart when carried. Was going to purchase the 12 rung combi but the 10 are more than long enough for all my needs. Only slight niggle is one of the rungs was damaged but not to effect safety or performance and to be honest i'd rather keep them than have to take a day off and get them swapped.
I found this a good strong combi ladder and so far has done its job. One needs to gain the confidence of the ladder especially when using for first few times and can be quite scary if not used previously. Assembly of the bits is easy and straight forward but the roller mechanism takes a bit of getting used to if you have had other makes previously, or not used a combi before. This type of ladder requires the use of all the safety recommendations especially when used as shown in photo and needs to be respected. So far a great purchase at a very competitive price and certainly very useful bit of kit and saves the need to assemble a platform for many small jobs.
I found this ladder to be very manageable both in length and weight. It's ideal for my requirements and I feel very safe and secure working at height. Thank you.
Very good product.Bought it to cut a beech hedge live on a hill but was able to get the job done as the ladder was so versatile.Would recommend this product.
I purchased these 10 months ago and have used them in and outside the house, they separate very easily for smaller jobs. When using them in the free standing position it does take a lot of getting used to at full length and I would recommend someone holds the ladder at all times as it moves around from side to side slightly. I used this method when painting my bedroom ceiling as it is around 15 feet at its highest point. The ladders are very good value as the construction is solid and they are still easy to handle due to the length when retracted. I am very happy with the purchase and wonder how I managed without them - as do my neighbours!!
This ladder was ideal for my requirements as I have very high ceilings and also needed it for outside work and really didn't want two ladders.
Great ladder that is really study, only used it as a traditional ladder but its served its purpose well, much lighter than my old one.
As described, very stable, easy to use, a little heavy to move around though - but then that may be what makes it stable!
Amazing product, perfect for tall hedges and much more. Mine was promptly delivered so 5 star performance all-round

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